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The Project Innovation for Development

Fondazione Cariplo, Compagnia di San Paolo and Fondazione CRT have launched a strategic and multidisciplinary project on international cooperation and development aiming at fostering technological innovation processes and products in order to get creative responses to the most pressing problems that low-income countries population face.

The aim of the project is to foster the study of action and trial models that can lead to prototypes of new technological solutions, the reuse of them or the adaptation of existing products and services through partnership between cooperation and innovative business sector, while special attention will be given to the diffusion of the technology. Further, promoting education and information opportunities, sharing technological tools and applications – both at national and international level – to understand and be part of the ongoing change, are the goals that project aims to achieve.

The core of the initiative: four focuses

Digital modelling and fabrication

Italian and Burkinabé Fab Labs are involved in a hand-in-hand work with the farmers active in Burkina Faso in order to find technological solutions to the challenges that two agriculture production chains (beekeeping and rice growing) – in which ACRA works within the project Fondazioni for Africa Burkina Faso – face. The activities imply co-design process, exchanges and practical education in Burkina Faso, distance support, education in Italy and presentation of the best practices pointed out.

Realised by Fondazione ACRA; WEMAKE, FABLAB TORINO/OFFICINE ARDUINO , and OUGALAB (Burkina Faso)

Data for good

The goal of this focus is to involve several Italian NGOs and third sector actors to enhance a knowledge exchange over “Data for Good” with the aim of recognising the potential use of data analysis to sustain their activities, optimise the internal processes within the organisation and obtain better results.

Realised by ISI Foundation

Open innovation

The project is expected to design and develop an Open Innovation platform that promotes the co-creation of solutions, re-use of technologies, local development by creating an ecosystem of multiple interactive realities that convey the three pillars: people, business models and technological transfer.

Realised by Politecnico di Milano in collaboration with POLIHUB and POLI SOCIAL

Capacity building: education and workshops

The aim is to spread the culture of innovation in the world of Italian international cooperation with particular attention given to the potential role of ICTs in transforming development, easing the meeting between multidisciplinary subjects (firms, NGOs, foundations, universities, research centres..) and making the aid workers in Global South aware of local innovative realities. Workshops, meetings, peer to peer exchanges, education activities and online training, scouting in the developing countries and a grant for local innovators, exchange open space and exchanges between aid workers, in Italy and abroad.

Realised by ONG 2.0/ CISV and OPES Impact Found

il premio
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